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    Stock Code :300410
    Legend Inkjet Printer PY600E

    Model : PY600E


    Place of Origin: China


    Packaging Details: Wooden Carton   

    • Usage
    • Features
    • Parameters
    • Video

    The equipment is used in processing of character printing on PCB/ FPC, which replaced of the traditional screen printing to provide a high-precision, high-quality and efficient characters production solutions for PCB manufacturers.

    A. High precision:

    Adopt special precision linear motion guide modules, servo control, multi- points positioning and compensation technology;


    B . High-quality:

    high definition printing characters; strong adhesion;


    C . High efficiency:

    Using high-performance LED-UV ink curing systems, the curing time is short; bi-directional print technology allows a substantial increase in production efficiency; linear motor technology ensures accurate bidirectional printing, making it a practical solution.


    D. User-friendly:

    The double printing platform options for different print media,and is well prepared for the coming new ink printing  technology.


    E. Customized

    The hardware and software are self - developed in order to master core technologies and customize personalized solutions for customers 

    Specification of Legend Inkjet Printer




    Positioning Accuracy: ±38μm

    Repeat Accuracy: ±5μm


    Resolution: 720/1080/1440dpi

    Minimum Line Width: 75μm ~ 100μm

    Minimum Character Height: 0.5mm             


    If PCBs size 720mm x  620mm(28’’ x 24’’) :

    (a)Two-way quickly mode twice : 15 seconds per side;

    (b)Two-way production mode for 3 times :20 seconds per side;


    1) The printing speed calculation include loading and unloading time;

    2) The number of print-header:1024i*5.


    Circuit board size: 720mm x 620mm28"×24"

    Circuit board thickness: 0.16mm4236 mil

    Dimensions (L×W×H)

    2670mm x 2400mm x1790mm



    Automatic loading and unloading

    Solution A:

    Automated assembly line solution with two robot arms, printing front and back sides at the same time.

    Solution B:

    Solution One: Robot Arm TypeCan Automatic Turning Plate

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